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Growers who are growing commercial weed or to produce your own stash high yielding strains look for two key characteristics: to grow the best quality weed in the biggest quantity; this is where high yielding commercial weed strains come into their own. These locales are well-known for their tradition of producing hash and kif, two THC-filled byproducts of the cannabis plant. Brush against this plant and the room immediately becomes filled with a powerful Skunk aroma. Super Skunk sinks you into a deep state of relaxation, while still being in a clear The best for Northern Lights Strain Cannabis Seeds specially developed cannabis seeds online. They claim there Annapurrna strain in 90-95 days will produce a 1. 2018 · Auto-flowering cannabis strains are the descendants of a wild strain of hemp first identified as “Ruderalis” in Russia during the early 1940s. Greenhouse seeds new strain gallery the doctor green house seeds pic. The Auto CBD Sugar Gom has very high vigour, a great yield, and is mould resistant. i have plenty of time to plan right now, so i'd like to pick my strains wisely. 10. This popularity is a testament to OG Kush's easy, fast growth, and quality bud. The special breeding has led to a strong Indica-dominant strain that delivers relaxation for the body and mind. – This strain has a lemony, citrus flavor that gives long Cheese Strain. Others criticize not the strain itself 5 Reasons Blue Dream Is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain. Greenhouse seeds elegant the church from greenhouse seeds pany photo  cannabis photo. Gorilla Glue Auto THC: Very high CBD: Low This strain gets its nickname from the trichomes that “glue up” the scissors when trimming leaves off this giant. Others criticize not the strain itself At Herbies cannabis seeds we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality seeds this October from the world's most respected cannabis seeds producers - all at the lowest on-line prices! Celebrating over 20 year’s this October of trading cannabis seeds to the world, our dedicated sales team have developed a broad and detailed knowledge of Autoflowering cannabis varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age, as opposed to the ratio of light to dark hours required with photoperiod dependent/short-day strains. Number One is the perfect combination between a relaxing and energizing effect for those who like lazing and thinking. For guaranteed results including a mi This spangly Sativa Auto will make your day with a soaring cerebral high and a super quick finishing time. . 6 ct. Blue Dream weed is a hybrid of sativa and indica (mainly a Sativa) and was once a clone only strain from California. 16. It is generally regarded as being the most productive autoflowering strain due to the volume of its harvests, easily separating itself from the pack. flash seeds plants are supposed to be 100 percent auto. 9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings  extra big, buy High Yield Autos from Gorilla Seeds. – This strain has a lemony, citrus flavor that gives long lasting mind-altering effect. A southern branch of BC Bud Depot, The Scorpion Crew hails from Orange County in California. no photo will mature in 18 hours daylight, even if it is called super auto. What's your choice for best indica/mostly indica strain taking effect, taste, yield, medical benefits, time to grow, resistance to disease and pest in to consideration? I'm looking for a good yielding, tasty strain that will take kindly to being abused by a beginner grower, but most importantly a hard hitting body stone and preferably good for Big Bud is the kind of strain that makes a heavy promise and more than delivers on it. It can also reduce pain in migraines and help relive stress. Choose based on THC, CBD, Yield, Indica / Sativa and get the best Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Blueberry is a well-known classic and winner of many awards over the years, making it a hero among marijuana strains. The Super Auto is a hybrid cannabis strain, a child of The Super and AK Auto. 2014 · Everything about Super Skunk strain. Taking 3 of some of the best cannabis strains and breeding them turned out great. The right auto parts and accessories will give your ride the boom and the pow in performance and the dazzling shine like a brand-new piece in a showroom. A true Northern California strain, Blue Dream grows massive and produces potent and heavy harvests. This amazing autoflowering cannabis plant is the creation of Stitch that is one of the best autoflower seed breeders and he has done a beautiful job with this Haze. 03. Varieties are developed to intensify specific characteristics of the plant, or to differentiate the strain for the purposes of marketing or to make it more effective as a drug . Pandora is easy to grow, fast to flower, consistent in yield and delivers a powerful Indica stone. They can also flourish in such climates such as Norway or Alaska, whether in the garden or on the balcony of an apartment! You will find Blue Dream listed as a Sativa strain on most dispensary menus throughout California because of the strong, energetic head-high it is known for. Purple Kush can produce effects that can last for hours, as is known for being extra potent, so it is best to take it easy when you first sample this strain. Another Kratom strain that is known best for pain relief is the Borneo. dry weight. Strain Overview: A melting pot of Sour Diesel and Skunk among Haze and Northern Lights influences. Almost anyone can put undue tension on muscles during the course of normal daily activities, with sudden, quick heavy lifting, during sports, or while performing work tasks. But here's the rub: if you want your ride to dish out more power, handle like a dream, or even wow passersby with its fierce styling, you've got to spend some cash. Super Strains Seeds are a new Dutch marijuana seed bank set to release a host of famous cannabis strains that most modern cannabis genetics can trace in their pedigree. What are the effects, flowering time indoor and outdoor? How does Super Skunk taste and what are the medical benefits?The best for Northern Lights Strain Cannabis Seeds specially developed cannabis seeds online. Its popularity stems from the pure bliss it can rain down on you, hence why it has become an easy go-to choice for anyone seeking a little rest and relaxation and a full night’s rest. Known for its unique flavour and potency, cheese strain is an indica-dominant hybrid originating from the UK It's used to help people feel relaxed and Super Silver Haze - hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain. But his buddy, Mardogg, still had some seeds. #16 OG Kush Autoflower is an autoflowering strain that has since been used as a genetic donor in a surprisingly wide variety of strains all across the West Coast. It is a highly-stabilised strain with fantastic organoleptic qualities. Order your 100% feminized seeds today! If getting the best cannabis seed deals is your priority, head on over to the Seed City Special Offers section, where we always have a huge range of marijuana seed sale items, meaning you can get your hands on great cannabis genetics for super low prices. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ is a hardy, fast flowering and easy to grow cannabis plant giving generous yields of heavy buds coated in resin. Purple Kush seeds were first bred in the Oakland, California region of the United States and are a cross between two South Central Asian Indica landraces: Purple Hindu Kush (from the Pakistan and Afghanistan) and the Afghani strain -which provides its purple-tinged accents. Sensi has crossed one of their best skunk lines back to Afghani ancestors, the Afghani T, to create Super Skunk: a variety with body and beautiful flower formation that is quick and easy to grow. This bud brings on the classic Super Skunk effects with a subtle weight that keeps them from becoming too overwhelming. Get Free seeds with every order. Gorilla Glue was specifically bred for its THC content. Let these girls veg to around 1 1/2 to 2 feet for a solid yield. The main psychoactive War Thunder - Leopard and BO 105 CB-2 Bundle. Reduced plant size, ease of growing and the rapid speed of growth are all factors which are leading more and more growers to choose this type of seed for their operation over regular varieties. Pineapple Express Auto is a strain that has captured the hearts of stoners across the globe. 1st - Super Silver Haze - Life is Good Healing 2014 WINNERS Best Coffeeshop Strain. The high induced, being indica oriented, sinks the body into a super Super Stinky another 'Super Auto' from comes highly recommended. We focus on reliability, awesome customer service and award winning Marijuana seeds that will blow your mind. These Buy Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Auto Feminised Seeds in our cannabis seeds range at Seedsman. Buy Seedsman White Widow Auto Feminised Seeds in our cannabis seeds range at Seedsman. Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds belong to the best in the world. Purple Kush is a potent indica strain from the West Coast of the United States. Green Crack weed is an above average to high yielding marijuana strain. Special Features of Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem – It is a blend of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. This is largely thanks to her resilience, but also to her lightning quick flowering time, often being finished and ready for harvest by late September. The autoflowering strain has a very short flowering period (only 48 days, on average), so multiple harvests are a definite possibility if you plant it right. It is named after the Marvel superhero, the Incredible Hulk. It is one of our fastest finishing auto flowering strains thanks to the ruderalis genetics with the plant reaching completion in as little as 60 days from seed. 29. The popularity of this tribe is on the shoulders of his predecessors. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds. Early Miss Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Growing, Potency and Flowering Time. An indica heavy hybrid, Tahoe OG Kush is a perfect nighttime strain. One of her parents, Super Lemon Haze, derives from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Some of the autoflowers listed as “tall” can exceed 1 meter (3ft) in height. Aka: Buddha Haze Automatic The past few years have seen a big development in autoflowering strains. Auto flowering can be a very great way to go if you want to make cash out of your produce with the most short time in flowering than its counterpart, most strains usually go from vegetative stage to flowering stage in just three to five weeks from planting, and with given direct light from start. However, despite its diminutive stature, OG Kush Auto packs Best Monitor for Eyes – Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue January 19, 2018 February 12, 2018 admin computers , eye health , monitor , programming In today’s world, we are looking at screens all the time. Auto Super Lemon Haze Seeds. This tribe has already won two times the first prize at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (2008 and 2009). We saw that a lot of our customers put her on a 20/4, on/off light schedule for best results and we agree with that decision. The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that you have the very best experience. The super dense, super potent child of OG Kush and SFC OG, Tahoe OG Kush isn’t for the faint of heart. Auto-flowering strain: The plant grows best in an outdoor setting, in a place Review: Gorilla Glue #4 is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a deep body stone to match a calmer concentration. Quickly becoming world renowned for their Wildberry strain and winners of the Bio Cannabis Cup in Spain, Scorpion Crew is consistently taking it to whole new levels producing some of the worlds best flowers and extracts. At Herbies autoflowering cannabis seeds we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality seeds this October from the world's most respected auto-flowering cannabis seeds producers - all at the lowest online prices! This strain is the holy grail of autoflowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by its breeder Stitch. It makes one giggly, happy, thoughtful, creative, and somewhat trippy feeling. The origins of autoflowering cannabis are still debatable. Outdoor users can expect to take away 13 ounces per plant of super strong pot. The Joint Doctor’s Lowryder was the first dwarf strain offered to achieve 100% automatic flowering – or autoflowering. Whether you're searching for speed at the drag strip, on the Nurburgring, or in the off-road landscapes of a rally course, the most important piece of kit a driver can have is the helm upon their Buy Award winning cannabis seeds at the Green House Seed Company, the most successful cannabis business in the world. This strain performs best in extra large containers with a capacity of 25 litres and up. With an auto-flowering strain, you’ll have the option to harvest your plant 2-3 months from seed, and it’s not unusual to harvest an ounce or two off each plant. Californian Orange Bud is a high yield sativa-indica strain that is a bit on the high maintenance end of growth but it has an amazing flavor and some amazing buds. Super Skunk Auto is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/10% sativa/10% ruderalis) strain created through crossing (Skunk #1 X Afghani Hash Plant) X an unknown ruderalis strain. Autoflower Portal best medical regular and feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds black stone dragon moonstone citrus noir spiritwalker sour lemon almach To me, KTM’s new 1290 Super Duke R is the best motorcycle on the road. Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet. Perfect for beginners and the more experienced grower alike, these special seeds will produce the fastest harvest possible. Mardogg popped the beans years later and ended up with 4 pheno's of the GG, deciding #4 was worth keeping. The plant produces amazing delicious flavors and has fast flowering. 5 meter plant that yields between 1-200 grams per plant. Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. Our tip for this strain: Since, she’s an auto you can put her on a fix light schedule and never have to worry about changing. Top Super Auto strain – mostly indica. It was created specifically for Skunk lovers by crossing the hybrid Skunk #1 with the genetics behind Afghani Indica. Super Skunk (Auto) Super Skunk Autoflower Speed, ease and quality combine in these autoflowering Super Skunk seeds, providing the quickest and easiest means of producing your own recreational and medical marijuana. Demand only the best for your medicinal needs! Dispenaries & Growers : Get Tested. It's never too late to take advantage of high end pot seeds from these online seed banks. using organic soil mix in 100 gallon smart pots. The Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a connoisseur strain renowned for its potency. The best cannabis strain reviews from high medical seeds to marijuana plants with weedporn buds full trichomes Greenhouse seeds best of green house seeds super lemon haze auto grow journal week11 by. Fems. A new easy-to-grow automatic hybrid with white CBD rich trichromes on both the flowers and small leaves of the lowest branches. White Widow Auto i jsut finished was a lovely yielder. Bruce Banner is a hybrid strain that is known for its namesake. Genetics: Skunk #1 x Sweet Leaf Indica Flowering: 45-53 days THC: 18%. Auto Mass maintains the sheer size we all loved so much from Critical Mass and is a fast auto flowering strain ready in under 75 days. This strain gives both a sweet flavor and a creative rush that's tempered by a bit of mellow relaxation. High Yielding AutoFlowering Strains Dec 11, 2012 Super autos are true auto flowering sativa strains which have been you that soaring cerebral hit you expect from a good old fashioned haze. Among all strains, green vein Malay Kratom is the best especially for the students and working professionals. Yield is a key characteristic grower’s look for when purchasing strain genetics. Auto Super Hash is an autoflowering version of the original Super Hash that was crossed with a ruderalis. Our expert growers harvest fresh seeds locally from genetics secured from the most well known Int'l Seedbanks around the world. Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds Blueberry is a well-known classic and winner of many awards over the years, making it a hero among marijuana strains. This crazy looking sativa strain is a great combination of the clone-only G13 strain, preserved by crossing it with the sativa Haze and inbreeding from there. it has a superb skunk flavor and aroma. Our Super Skunk Automatic seed-strain, like certain selectively bred auto-flowering cannabis hybrids, has the advantage of being able to produce two mature, all-female crops in a single outdoor season when grown in a warm, sunny climate. The resulting strain of cannabis is one with lightning-quick growing times and a succulent, connoisseur quality taste. All around my favorite strain in auto, super chunky, 10/10 germinated, will order another 10 here soon, grew under 600w viparspectra led 2 plants of gg got 3 oz, had other strains under the same light, this plant blew up around day 40, 3g bags with happyfrog soil, used 20-20-20 fertilome for veg and fertilome bloom nutrients, all half what it Super Skunk Marijuana Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Super Skunk Seeds Included. Compact and easy to grow, making them a perfect strain for beginners, and a great strain for fast, indoor growing. loads of big nuggets and smells amazing. We ship to the US, W-Europe and Worldwide shipping of marijuana seeds from Robert Bergman. best auto flowering strain? itor is the quality really less than that of others if so whats a good strain and any purple? thanks alot guys if you need super For those who like an occasional joint of weed & would like to have some on hand here’s how it’s done. Ruderalis is a very short and fast growing plant discovered in eastern Europe. An ideal auto to me is heavy Yielding, mid sized, potent, great tasting, with appeal, but able to harvest before the thieves, and pigs are running a muck. 8. This may be fantastic outdoors, but indoor marijuana growers are advised to use super-cropping techniques to reduce the height, while maximizing overall yield. Flash Seeds offers 32 incredible Autoflowering seeds incorporating strong Marijuana genetics with autoflowering genes to produce high yielding, high quality automatic Cannabis. This reliable, resilient seed-strain is the earliest outdoor Indica in the Sensi Seeds collection, aside from our auto-flowering strains. $78. Buy Feminized, medical & autoflowering seeds. Flash Super Auto Feminised Seeds represent a radically new approach in the breeding and development of automatic cannabis seeds. I'm growing auto seeds transiberian right now and nirvana auto blue mystic and short stuff himalaya orange diesel. If you don't see BudGenius StrainID Cards™ in your dispensary, be sure to ask when they will begin safety testing. Don’t let the name put you off, this is high quality cannabis sativa strain. The strain brings heavy yields after 9 weeks from germination. Buying Autoflowering Seeds If you’re ready to go ahead and buy auto flower seeds, just ensure you can rely on both the seed producer and the retailer. Live Stoner Chat Come on in and have a chat with in the most popular, vibe driving forum on the site! Home of the Auto Warriors Live Interviews & Interview Archive! Haze is a strain with a rich history that dates back to 1960s Beach Boys era in Santa Cruz, California. Super Skunk Auto was created by infusing one of the most stable and consistently performing modern cannabis plants with ruderalis auto-flowering genetics. Super Silver Haze is the cousin to the Silver Haze strain, which grows extremely tall. Their Amnesia Haze is one of the strongest Hazes ever developed and has won many different awards for its outstanding quality! Grass-O-Matic took a high yielding Critical Mass mother and crossed it with a fast auto flowering lowryder given rise to Auto Mass. Best Cheese Strain. Both grow unusually tall and have great yield for an auto strain, definitely quality buds and almost TOO easy to grow. This beast of a marijuana plant is one of the most notorious and popular strains that everybody and their brother has to try at least once in their life. The unique flavors of the Gorilla Glue 4A Balanced Hybrid Strain provides the intense results you crave in a immovable, cerebral rush. Flowering Summary. Mathew is the best! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and always smiling. Auto Pounder may do many things right, but the trait this strain is best known for is the sheer size of its yields. They also have two more "super autos" Nirvana sky, which is 110-250 grams per plant in 100-110 days and grows up to 3 meters and Number One, which yields 1 Chaze Super Auto is a super-productive, 80% sativa strain that was bred from UK Cheese, an old, original Haze and, of course, Stitch's own magic 0. The effect is typical of most OG varietals with an early onset of a euphoric rush and a gentle relaxation easing in thereafter for up to several hours. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. 1st - Cookies Kush - Barney’s Coffeeshop. At Strain Balboa Caregivers we provide top quality cannabis along Caution! Officially (in Holland that is), the power companies don't allow you to connect the lamps we use to the net by means of a plug. Perfect for: Cannabis growers seeking a high-end hardy, heavy-yielding, tasty and powerful marijuana strain. Known for its unique flavour and potency, cheese strain is an indica-dominant hybrid originating from the UK It's used to help people feel relaxed and calm, reducing stress and providing relief from muscle pain and other ailments. This version of the popular Sativa hybrid focuses on maximum Sativa potency, a short life cycle, and soaring THC leaves. Buy quality Gorilla goo in Santa Monica surrounding areas at Pot valet. The master breeders at AMS mixed ruderalis with our other well known marijuana genetics, creating new autoflowering seeds that grow out to beautiful and tasty strains. It connects you with nature, and is spiritually enriching. However, digging deeper you will find that the actual Blue Dream genetics can be linked to Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, making it a 50/50 hybrid strain of cannabis. A sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct flavor profile, Blue Dream is widely known for its relaxing and mellow high. Female Seeds Auto AK Feminized Strain: Review, Grow, Yield About Northern Light Autoflower The cannabis strain that even your grandmother knows about. Description. Jack Herer Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Growing, THC Content, Flowering Time & Yield. Whatever your preference, check out our complete range of feminized cannabis seeds and remember, all orders qualify for free premium branded seeds from top cannabis seed breeders. We have the best selection & the lowest prices on the Internet. The best bud seeds are not always cheap as the higher the price then usually the larger yield and THC. It has an average THC rate of 16%, but provides smokers with a balanced high. traits: Good For Aniety, Good For Pain Relief, Good For the Enhancment Smoker, Good Strain For Appitite, Light Green Buds Frosted Over, Smells like fruit yogurt, tastes like juicy fruit gum, Top Shelf, Very Potent Buy Cannabis Seeds from the best Canadian Cannabis SeedBank offering a large selection of top quality feminized, auto-flowering and regular Marijuana Seeds, Indica and Sativa strains from top breeders. Classification – Hybrid Lineage – Headband, Sour Diesel, OG Kush Description – When you look at the lineage you see why this strain is called 3 kings. 5-2. A friend got around three hundred grams per plant from them. Sensi Seeds’ feminised Super Skunk Automatic is a precise, multi-stage recombination of Skunk #1 and a carefully selected Afghani hash plant (the strain’s original parent plants) with one of our best-performing auto-flowering hybrids. Welcome to Herbies Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds ultimate collection for October 6th, we offer one of the largest selections of Blue Dream Cannabis cannabis seeds varieties online with new Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds strains being introduced all the time. Bruce Banner is was first made at Delta 9 Labs and has been giving users a happy, euphoric high ever since. Automatic AK74 (now Auto AK47) AK74 is a cross between Lowryder and AK47 cannabis strains resulting in a heavy yielding auto-lowering super strain you can harvest all year round. Lowryder contains Cannabis ruderalis genetics from a Mexican strain that was referred to as Mexican Rudy and is believed to be created from a cross between a Mexican sativa and a Russian ruderalis. PS4. Buy high quality feminized, autoflowering and medical marijuana seeds. Super Strains (formerly known as Hy-Pro Seeds) is a Dutch seed company that has produced one of the best Haze varieties on the market today. These so called Super autoflowers are called SUPER because they are comparable with the regular strains in potency, yield and size and they grow much longer than the original autoflwoering strains. Aka: S. The result is an improved autoflowering with a heavier yield, covered with resin from top to toe. There are a lot of reasons why this strain is topping dispensary lists . com informs, engages and grows the cannabis community through coverage of marijuana law + politics, science + medicine, consumer trends, culture and commentary. The quest for the best Cheese! About us Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet. Fast to grow and early to harvest, this super strain still can produce well over 500 grams per plant in optimal growing soil and conditions. indica and C. It is synonymous with great quality and a connoisseur level smoke. The smell is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet. Visit our website and find your favorite cannabis strain today! Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant genus Cannabis, which encompasses the species C. Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details The Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized can be grown through the use of the hydro method, and it can a View Detail It is a known fact that ordering autoflowering marijuana seeds from reputable seedbanks like us is beneficial especially if you want to get your weed plants to flower automatically. 99Buy Fintie Slim Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. it is not super strong. That was good. Auto Chem Bubbly plants build long resin-soaked colas of narcotic buds. 11. The Autoflower Network is your #1 source for information on autoflowering cannabis! Sensi Seeds White Label Super Skunk Automatic: This is an almost all-Indica autoflowering strain known for fast growth, very large yields, and a narcotic, pain-relieving high. Best auto flowering strain outdoors would either be Easy Ryder (ak47xlowryder#2) or the diesel ryders. The Skunky, acidic, and citrus flavour draws you in immediately, and the energetic, happy, uplifting effects will keep you feeling motivated and focused. Super Silver Haze Autoflowering: SSH Goodness Now Fast And Easy. If you buy Blue Dream Auto cannabis seeds, you will obtain a fast, high-yielding, multi-featured automatic cannabis strain. Super Green Malay The superior quality strain from Malaysia is highly versatile by nature. While developing super Cali haze, Stitch took some particulary ‘Hazy’ phenos and crossed them with a really stinky skunk strain. Buy marijuana seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at Special Features of Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem – It is a blend of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. OG Kush is a great strain that helps the brain in a few great ways. Critical is a super easy to grow strain, even in the cooler areas of Europe. Critical + 2. maybe I got lucky with my 1st grow but its beats the pants off stuff I've pai 20 a gram for. best super auto strainMar 9, 2017 Here are the top 5 autoflowering strains for those that love a high dose of THC with their Thinking about growing a strain super high in THC?Feb 7, 2013 The best super autoflowers can produce anywhere from 100 to 200 grams per plant and reach heights up to two meters depending of the strain Apr 20, 2018 It is the prefect time to start growing autoflowering strains and obtain your of autoflowering strains coming from the best genetics on the market. The photo above was contributed by Tyneside Cannabis Club, and yielded an great 7 oz. Our Gorilla Glue strain is a potent hybrid that delivers a knockout punch of euphoria and relaxation, that'll leave you “glued” to the couch. Super autoflowers or autoflowering cannabis are the latest buzzword in the cannabis community. This bud took home 3rd Place for Best Autoflowering Strain at the 2014 High Life Cannabis Cup thanks to its enjoyable full body high and stable autoflowering Growing Auto-flowering Cannabis Today, auto-flowering cannabis is on the rise. Out of everything available in Amsterdam (including all kinds of hash), I smoked Super Silver Haze about 40% of he time because it was the nicest tasting smoke in Amsterdam. Auto Services. for a freebie i couldnt complain about it at all Share this post Link to post Auto Lemon Skunk Seeds Auto Lemon Skunk strain by Canuk Seeds is a two way inbred cross of a Lemon Skunk mother from Greenhouse Seeds and a Lowryder #2. 0 (2015) - Super Slim Lightweight Standing Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake Feature for Tab A 8. Super Dank with 19% THC Bulk Smash Auto does best in the heat of summer with lots of CO2 yielding up to 750 gr/m2 inside in under 2 months. Super Silver Haze is a very popular Haze strain that has a big following. White Mango Seeds Feminized and Regular White Mango is a fast growing, disease resistant, and usually early maturing strain. There's significant swelling, pain, fever, bleeding, or open cuts. Fast, powerful, productive, supremely dependable and incredibly beginner-friendly, it is easy to see why Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds strains have become the biggest thing to hit the cannabis seeds industry since…well, since ever really! Gorilla Glue Weed #4 is a super strong strain of cannabis Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. i'd like to run three strains, two plants of each strain for a total of six plants. Super Silver Haze is a hybrid cross combining Skunk, Nothern Lights, and Haze. Super Lemon Diesel No matter what the strain, the effects of buying a legal sack are felt immediate: a sense of wonder at the civil transaction and Overall, Super Cheese is a good strain to have growing in the garden, perfect for friends and for medicine! How to identify Super Cheese During the flowering state of Super Cheese, small pink calyxes will appear on the buds. This autoflowering cannabis plant grows 80-130 cm(32-51 inches) in height. We crossed plants selected from the Roadrunner strain with a JYD Haze, with the specific idea in mind of changing the characteristic taste of all the autoflowerings. Super Sour combines best of breed standards intrinsic with top-shelf strain stalwarts, a scintillating sativa temptress no doubt. $69. Super Skunk Autoflowering seeds produce short plants with good yields of extremely pungent Skunk Cannabis, similar to the famous feminized Cannabis variety. Super Silver Haze is therefore considered superior by many, given the fact that it doesn’t get so tall but still maintains its high yields. I bought Super Silver Haze in Amsterdam directly from Greenhouse. As the name states this strain has real lemony characteristics. We want to help you grow the best strains the easiest way possible. Sour Diesel seeds were created using a combination of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, the dominant Sativa heritage can make the plants grow as tall as 250 cm, given optimum conditions. 5 m outdoors. Daily growth of 2-4cm, and record-breaking yields of up to 250-500g per plant will be the reward for giving this super auto enough root space. Very high yield, ideal for those who want a very large cropper. Stitch has been working for many years on refining an autoflowering haze strain but as many other breeders know this a very difficult and some say an impossible task. A 3-way cross. ruderalis. Marijuana. Jock Horror Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details While most hybrids are a mixed of two varieties with varying dominance, the Jock Horror strain is a b View Detail La Confidential Feminized Pineapple Express from G-13 seeds and Super Cali Haze are the best around, but you are going to have to have everything be perfect! You want a good yield off 4 plants? get masterkush or another afgani strain. Best Buds: The Top 12 Strains of 2014. Famed all over the world for producing spectacularly large, sticky and dense buds, Big Bud is also known for delivering a very big high. Our selection of feminized strains comes from the best global breeders including Sensi Seeds, Barneys Farm and Green House to name a few. Despite the smell a very pleasant high with more body to it than the Skunk #1. Fastest Growing Autoflowering Seeds. Cheese Strain. We know all too well the difficulties growers and patients face when trying to choose the best marijuana strain to grow. A ground-breaking 2:1 CBD/THC strain. Thriving in both indoor and outdoor grows, our fast autoflowering Early Miss is an easy to moderate grow. A fast growing robust strain, Super Nova seeds can be grown indoors, growing to a height of around 60 cm. The Skunk is crossed with Afghani strains making it easier to maintain than White Widow. Super Skunk - hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain. Auto Bubble Gum seeds are bred by 00 seeds, combining the Bubble Gum hybrid strain and a c. For the best results Super Skunk Auto cannabis plant needs space in which her roots can develop freely,it is advisable to use pots of about 10 litres Super Skunk Auto Feminised Indica dominance makes her one of the most reliable and stable strains currently available on the cannabis seed market The Los Angeles Strainbank is proud to have received an A+ rating and "Recognition of Excellence" certification for providing medical grade, laboratory tested Los Angeles marijuana plants for sale. Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds Online with Midweek Song. Pineapple Chunk x Super Auto Our world famous PINEAPPLE CHUNK™ is now available in an autoflowering variant. The Super Lemon Haze was a multiple cup winner for good reason and these traits have carried through into Ultra Lemon Haze. Edit: I am running a Super Cheese Auto right now I got as an Attitude freebie and it smells very sweet not really cheesy Super Stinky another ‘Super Auto’ from comes highly recommended. There are hundreds of strains to choose from all claiming to offer the best marijuana genetics on the planet, making the task of picking a strain difficult. Strong, fast-hitter, long lasting effect. From it’s humble William’s Wonder and Lowryder beginnings, Autoflowerings seeds have become part of almost all of the best Cannabis seed bank’s collections. A seed that will grow is going to flower for you no matter what happens. 90% Sativa / 10% Indica. i'd also like to get my seeds/clones soon so i can veg them to 2 or 3 ft before i put them outside early to mid May. As the name already hints, Super Skunk is a marijuana strain that is a very powerful and strong F1 Hybrid of the Skunk and Afghani cannabis strain. when you look at the top 10 best-selling strains in each state. . 1 plant. The history of the strain is shrouded in some mystery, but rumor has it originating in possibly in the Santa Cruz area. A wide range of feminized, auto-flower & regular cannabis seeds are available. 2nd Auto-flower is a type of seed that will guarantee the success of your plant budding. AutoFrisian Dew is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain crated through crossing (Super Skunk X Purple Star) X an unknown ruderalis strain. The best part of being a gardener is it connects you to the earth. - Super Automatic Sativa. A potent cross between the ever popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream (or Azure Haze, depending on who you ask) is a slightly sativa-dominant strain shrouded in mystery. Probably the most famous sativa plant in the world, a classic hit. With a smooth but uplifting Sativa-like high and a hefty THC content of 15% plus, Early Pearl is a very popular choice with experienced growers. THC measures in at 17% and the taste is a superb mix of savory earth & pungent Skunk. Super Lemon Haze is a truly legendary, multi-award-winning strain from the master-breeders at Green House Seed Co. It is a very forgiving strain allowing the novice grower to make some errors and yet still obtain a crop of good buds. Learn more about growing the Bubble Gum cannabis strain, including its Auto-flowering cannabis strains are the descendants of a wild strain of hemp first identified as “Ruderalis” in Russia during the early 1940s. With only an 8 week flowering period, this strain delivers an average 400 grams of highly potent buds per plant. The original Super Lemon Haze is a plant known for its super sativa high and its deliciously citris taste. We ship to the US, W-Europe and Special Features of Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem – It is a blend of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. The Super Skunk strain is a child strain of Skunk #1. They're suppose to be creators of a super autoflowering strain. Try giving your Super Skunkenergy by beaming good thoughts and energy at them every time you visit them. auto is auto and photo is photo, if it is an auto it isnt a photo dependant… simple as that. Hitherto concentrating on dwarf plants with very fast maturation times these new super auto strains have been bred using some special cannabis genetics, including both indica and sativa strains, to retain the non A super-cross of Sour Dubb x (Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel), she’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s been making her way across the country, and has reportedly even been seen on a menu or Growing Super Skunk Autoflower Strain of Medical Marijuana Super Skunk is an easy plant to grow, making it very popular to beginners and veterans alike. Often described as 'throw-and-grow' Autoflowering seeds are the fastest, easiest way to grow your own marijuana. Because of long growing seasons and lengthy flowering times, Santa Cruz was the perfect backdrop for a strain of her temperament. Super stinky is a new ‘super auto’ strain from shortstuff seeds which builds upon the amazing advances we made with our super cali haze strain. 2014 WINNERS BEST U. Home to autoflowering cannabis. 0 SM-T350/T355/P350 Worldwide shipping of marijuana seeds from Robert Bergman. Tired of seeded gardens, Joesy tossed out the strain. This strain is widely used by people suffering from chronic pain, joint and muscle pains. The indica variety comes from a number of different places including Kashmir, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Tibet. With a parentage of top strains like Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, she can deliver an incredible smoking experience like only a Haze can and tops it with an outstanding aroma. 0 is a very beautiful cannabis plant with thin, light-green leaves and a tall, slim body that sometimes reaches heights of 2. By combining Super Lemon Haze with a specially selected Ruderalis, all of the original’s best properties can be retained in an easy-going, rapid auto-flowering form. White Mango is a heavy, greasy indica staying low and dense, very suitable for sea of green gardens. OG Kush Auto Feminised A perfect strain for those looking to cultivate in a smaller space, OG Kush Auto is an indica dominant plant whose maximum height reaches a little over a metre tall. The most awarded seed bank in the world, winner of over 42 High Times Cannabis Cups Since 1985. #13 Zensation Zensation is great for medical users looking for the best seeds for chronic and persistent pain issues in 2018. Feminised The Super Auto Weed Seeds from Shaman Genetics at great prices! making this a stoner's delight that's best enjoyed when the diary is clear. best super auto strain A top quality plant, quick, tall and generous! Green Crack Super Sativa Seed Club. All the most popular seed banks under one roof. S. Super-high THC, massive yields, and easy growing—that is all about THC Bomb Auto. The Amsterdam Seed Center was founded in 2011 and aims to be the best source to order cannabis seeds online. On the other hand, the famous Big Buddha Cheese strain is a phenotype of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 and Afghani . From energetic and creative highs with sativas to sleep-inducing, laid back highs with indicas, choose the strain for the experience you want. Big Buddha Seeds have again come up with a new autoflowering plant with the intention of a fast flowering 'Haze' strain. Creatives love the boost of artistic energy that you get after GRANDDY DADDY PURP AUTO {Skunk x Unknown Strain} Used For Making the Best Wax EVER. White Widow Automatic With clear indica dominance, White Widow Automatic provides some of the best weed seeds for medical cannabis. BIG BLUE CHEESE Big Blue Cheese is our monster yielding, super potent marijuana strain that delivers on taste, strength and yield. Buy The Best Autoflowering Seeds In Confidence This is just a very small selection of some of the best Autoflowering seeds available. This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by our breeders. Her open structure helps with better 5 Reasons Blue Dream Is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain. Auto Super Lemon Haze is the auto-flowering version of this popular Green House Seeds' strain. Carefully consider the marijuana experience that you hope to have and base your strain choice accordingly. Autoflowering seeds come originally from a cannabis species called ruderalis. Click A Strain To Learn More About Any Of The Auto Seeds from the Flash Seeds Autoflowering Collection . My autos would be used primarily outdoors in guerrilla grows. Auto-flowering cannabis strains are the descendants of a wild strain of hemp first identified as “Ruderalis” in Russia during the early 1940s. Due to their super-fast life cycle (8-9 weeks), auto flowering marijuana strains can be planted up to early August. All autoflowering cannabis seeds – even when the strains are identical – are by no means equal, like most strains there are cheap autoflowering seeds and expensive ones. Trully a very special strain, enjoy… Cannabis seeds Australia delivery guaranteed! the best Feminized, Regular and Autoflowering seeds, free stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery to Australia The Super Lemon Haze is a superstar. If you are considering growing a SOG (sea of green) there are many auto-flowering strains perfect for doing so, generally the Auto-flower strains that list plant height as “short” generally make the best SOGs. However, its dosage should be carefully monitored, as this is also known to be one of the strongest strain. A friend got My Top 5 autoflowering strains and why, 8. AK-48 Seeds AK-48 is a white strain and one of the strongest (high THC) early finishing strains available! Finishes as early as 48 days in perfect conditions and produces hard buds with an exceptional aroma. Strongest Weed Strains: Top 10 We often think of progress in terms of technology—faster wi-fi, increased storage capacity, higher pixel count, smaller processors, and though it hasn’t enjoyed the explosion of growth that the tech sector has, improvements in the marijuana industry have been made. Serious growers do not settle for less; pre-verify to get started. Super Autoflowers have been breeding some of the worlds best autoflower cannabis strains. The Strainbank. Super Skunk is super because it is the hybrid of the cross between two super parents. Super Sour. OG Kush can help the brain with ADD and ADHD. Photoperiod plants don’t start flowering (making Farmers Lab Seeds is a new kind of seed company for a new generation of both recreational and professional growers seeking to acquire marijuana seeds online. Low leaf production, with more flowers than leaves. I grew auto bubbleicious from nirvana for my 1st ever grow. Fast and discreet shipping worldwide! Blue Dream – The Blue Dream strain is a cross between legendary DJ Short’s Blueberry from and Mr Nice’s Super Silver Haze. Super Skunk works especially well in outdoor growing during spring and summer. Since then, autoflowering has become a huge phenomenon, with home breeders and seed enthusiasts trading seeds and information worldwide. Afghanistan is an original strain, so when Skunk #1 was back-crossed with its true Afghani parents, it created a ‘super’ hybrid, hence the name, Super Skunk. Perhaps the most popular, best-selling marijuana strain right now is Blue Dream. Our breeders developed this strain to bring the exotic smells of Blue Kush to all kinds of audiences. Bubble Gum was the winner of two awards in the Cannabis Cup of '94, and the 2nd place winner in '95 and again in '99. A medium-yielding auto with lots of thin, long branches and a nice sweet smell. With its long and descriptive name, Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD ensures that you know what she's all about. This strain grows fairly tall and stretches about 2 1/2 to 3 times in flower. PURPLE KUSH STRAIN ORIGINS. This great autoflowering version of Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm is no different and maintains all of the loved characteristics found in the original. They just may be right. Getting the best Marijuana seeds online is guaranteed with Midweek Song. These are different from most strains of cannabis, which are known as “photoperiod” strains. The strain Lowryder by breeder The Joint Doctor was the original large scale marketed autoflower. Are you ready? Shop now!Super Food That Burns Fat - Whats A Good Detox Tea Super Food That Burns Fat Green Tea With Lemon Detox Detox All Natural TeaBuy Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow/Neck Pillow - Ergonomic & Adjustable - Best Accessory For Airplane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Super potent strain is the frostiest plants on the planet. Mix of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. Average stone/high. Like the Super Special, the Super Skunk is purposely developed for the Skunk fanatics. A recent article by Julia Wright at Civilized called Why 'Blue Dream' Was The #1-Seller In Both Colorado And Washington, referencing this study from BDS Analytics revealed that Blue Dream was the so next year i'm growing six plants outside. Auto Chem Bubbly is a hybrid strain bred from the legendary Chem Dog and DJ Short True Blueberry. 04. Blue Dream Auto by Humboldt Seed Organization is a Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis feminized cannabis strain and the autoflowering version of a great seed. Muscle strain is injury to muscle as a result of strenuous activity. On the other hand it does have its advantages, should you decide to turn one or two lamps off. The Super Auto is a great auto-flowering hybrid that results in rapid and excellent production. Successful indoors or for greenhouse gardening in most temperate zones, Super Skunk also fares well in the outdoors, given a mild, arid climate. big bang is an old strain that came before the autos, based on big band…. When a ruderalis and a CBD-rich strain were included in the mix, Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD came to light, delivering complex and mellow highs with a Super Skunk Automatic Review The Super Skunk Automatic is a certain kind of strain in which it has been bred in a certain selective way by using auto flowering cannabis strains. The Super Skunk Strain is known globally for its unique “hybrid” qualities. Strain Hunters Skunk Auto Flowering Pack Sizes: 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 PRICES FROM £15. Best candy-flavored autoflowering strain. A selected strain on speed and resinous buds out of all the automatic strains on the market today. sativa, C. A. BUY NOW: Fems. With THC levels around the 20-25% mark, expect a deep relaxing high, but don’t expect to leave the house. Vision Seeds Super Skunk Auto produces beautiful dense cannabis plants which reach medium height for your average auto-flowering strain, a sturdy, deliciously productive cannabis plant that is reasonably easy to grow without any additional grow and bloom nutrition. Auto Assassin is a deadly mix of AK-47 and a super-secret Short Stuff Sativa! A potent autoflowering strain, Auto Assassin delivers on queue with total precision. One of the most powerful autoflowering cannabis seeds , it produces the yield of about 650g/m² with plants not higher than 50 inches. Blue Kush Autoflowering cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds are here to delight the senses and boost the organoleptic qualities of cannabis up to a top level. Special Features of Limoncello Haze Auto-Fem – It is a blend of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. Super Skunk was a successful attempt to improve Skunk#1. The finest features of the world-famous Super Skunk family have been blended with a vigorous example of Cannabis ruderalis to create an exceptional auto-flowering feminized marijuana strain with the same dependable all-round performance that makes Super Skunk one of the top seed varieties for commercial or connoisseur growers. This plant is especially developed for Skunk lovers. You will find the best selection of marijuana strains for sale from our seedbank. some of the best weed ive ever smoked. The very purpose why such strain is being bred is because it has the advantage that it emanates from a very potent strain which is the Super Skunk. Very popular with new smokers. Today's High Super Cali Haze is one of the best SUPER autos that can yield as much as regular sativa plants. SATIVA. Sprouting from perhaps the most influential strain in the modern cannabis market, Stardawg is the cumulation of two Chem Dawg (Chem Dog) strains, of which also spawned from exclusive Chem Dog breeding projects. It is a cross between the Skunk #1 and an Afghan strain. Supersoil, Super-Strains, & Super-Highs from Marijuana Breeder Subcool of TGA Seeds Subcool, the head breeder for TGA Seeds is one of only a handful of individuals who made it their life’s work to create reliable, powerful, unique marijuana strains. Xtreme Seeds have developed the Super Auto version of one of the most May 11, 2018 Check out this Top 10 list of best autoflowering cannabis seeds at Zativo, To help figure out which strain is best for you, we have put together a list of the . Super Lemon Haze is a kief-caked multi-colored wonder. We have crossed our best Skunks back to their Afghani ancestors. - Super Skunk Auto. The person heard a “popping” sound or can’t walk, and there is no other way that they can safely and quickly be transported (pack of 6 seeds) Our goal on this cross was to combine the best of two awesome strains in one. We review pretty much every single seed strain on the planet right here. Canuk Seeds brings you cannabis genetics from around the world, available as regular, feminized or auto-flowering seeds. Early Girl has been a trusted name since the Eighties, known for dependably producing fabulous harvests of chunky, sparkling Indica tops in the short northern summers. Choose based on THC, CBD, Yield, Indica / Sativa and get the best genetics for your needs. Fast growing autoflowering seeds produce plants that flower quickly! Our fastest growing autoflowering cannabis strains achieve this through selective breeding, crossing strains with fast genetics to reduce the flowering time. Sour Diesel Automatic is the sativa dominant auto flowering version of our legendary strain Sour Diesel. More. The Super Duke R has the right look, the right power, the right daily abilities, and though it costs $17,999, for what you 3 Kings. its is photo. 00 2 Reviews Compare Strain Hunters Skunk Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds Add Strain Hunters Skunk Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds to Wishlist berry bomb auto - bomb seeds Berry Bomb Auto is the result of cross-breeding a Blueberry with Bomb #1 and ruderalis. It is loved for its distinct and famously fragrant “skunky” scent and for producing the perfect high that allows you to loosen up. How to grow awesome auto´s in soil A guide by /u/Santacabrera This is a guide designed to show you how to maximise your yield from autoflowering cannabis plants in soil. Super Auto Lemon Haze cannabis strain is by Original Sensible Seeds and CBD Seeds, with THC topping out at 19%. Sensi Seeds created this strain to produce thick, dense buds good for both body pains and reducing stress. When it comes to trying to get to harvest as quickly as possible, your best choice is often to grow an auto-flowering strain of cannabis. Paradise Seeds makes the claim that Pandora is the best auto-flowering strain in the world. Available in regular and feminized seeds. Candy Kush is the super sweet and big yielding autoflowering kush strain, developed by crossing the finest Californian Kush genetics with our own Auto Pounder. Therefore, it isn't the best sleep aid but the racing effect some experience will ease into a general stoniness after an initial rush. The relaxing high gets quite strong after a proper cure. It was darker on the outside and covered with red hairs but became lighter in color as I peeled away the layers to the center of the trichome-covered bud. Sativa dominant, the buds are long and dense with typical sativa shape shade leaves